Hamilton Landscaping Companies Suggest Winter Planters this Icy Season

Winter planters may look like any ordinary potted plant, but they excel at one thing: the pots used aren’t your usual terracotta.

Clay is a type of expansive soil, swelling and shrinking depending on water content. Clay pots are one of the most affordable containers around, their porosity allowing them to breathe and provide air to the soil. Under a rainy winter, however, clay will be susceptible to cracking as a result of constant freeze-thaw cycles.


Expert Hamilton Landscaping Companies Can Stop the Fungal Threat Fast

Even homeowners in Ontario will have cause to be worried about fungal spread. The province is home to many species of fungus, with a number of them harmful to plant life. Summer is often the time for fungal diseases to break out and ruin your plants; as such you will need help from credible Hamilton landscaping companies like Green Collar to stop the infestation in their tracks.


How Hamilton Landscaping Companies Can Make Gardens Safer for Pets

“Put in paths
It’s natural for dogs to patrol your yard at all times, so consider adding some pathways to help him/her explore within the designated trails. Professional Hamilton landscapers chiefly recommend interlocking stone because of its flexible and durable properties. Furthermore, the paw-friendly material can serve as a great guide for both your dog and other people across your property.

Set up barriers
Dogs love to be active outdoors, often running around the vast expanse of grass and hanging about shady plants within the garden. As much as you want them to enjoy the outdoors, however, you wouldn’t want them to stomp on your plants or get lost in unfamiliar territory. Opt for a fully fenced yard, or pick an enclosed dog run. Either way, your dog will be both happy and safe from the dangers outside your home.”